Bredmons! DELTAS ONLY!

Trading Name: Lapras

Offer: 5IV Deltas

Request: 1 pokemon of yours (any) im looking for IDs for torren game corner

Further info:i dont know if the price is too much but i dont rly have much to do in insurgence so thought i might aswell do this

EASY for me to breed Deltas:

1.Delta Bulbasaur 2.Delta Squirtle 3.Delta Beldum (Ruin) 4.Delta Darumaka 5.Delta Foongus 6.Delta Aron 7.Delta Ralts 8.Delta Snorlax

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1 iv stone for a delta wailmer?

ill try to get the wailmer

i have got it (someone helped me get it) so it will be free

shoot me a delta metagross (Ruin) get rockhead on it and adamant

sure il work on it

I have 1 IV stone do u have delta bulbasaur or delta squirtle? I dont really mind the IVs

Ive got it already sorry for the inconvenience

its ok

when do you need it by

Um can you give me a delta larvesta?? Or a delta charmander??

sure ill work on larvesta but i have no charmander sorry

unless you have a charmander you are willing to give me

No i don’t, but thanks for the d. larvesta, 1 IV stone or?? (plz make it madost)


nah i changed the price to free

ill work on it, are you in a hurry and u gtg soon or can wait

i can wait

ok cause im breeding another pokemon for someone who just started

it’s alright, finsih with him first