BR Nidoran (Male) Please?

Trading Name: Luna_Moon

Offer: Shiny Baltoy

Request: Modest (Preferred 3+ IV) Male Nidoran w/ Hustle / Relaxed Ferroseed (0 IV speed) /

Further info: Teach Nidoran Ice Beam and Sludge Wave if you can.

I have the nidoran my username is Gustavo12231

Can you show a picture? Sorry for late reply. Was afk.

can you teach me how to send a picture?

Are you on the Discord chat? It’d be easier to send it there since I’m not sure how to paste a screen shot lol.


Best way I know how then is to download this It’s a screen shot program that gives you a link to whatever you took a shot of. Just post the link of the image when you do.

I have the image but i dont know how to post it here

Go to Upload here.

Then if you have the picture saved, search for it.


Okay, trade name is Luna_Moon. Lemme know when ready.

Im ready

Okay, should be ready by the time you see this.

Does it keep doing the “Waiting…” On your end like it is mine?

It keeps saying Waiting…

Okay, only thing I can think of is to restart Insurgence maybe.

Just let me know when ready.

Im always ready

Thank you sir :smiley:

Thanks for the shiny!