Book of leaves

I’m wondering where I can get the book of leaves for delta snorlax? The wiki says the locations of the leaves but no the book. Thank you.

From what I know, the only way to get it is the “Thanks for the ride” delta munchlax mystery gift

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I got the first delta munchlax but not the second one.

Is there another way to get it? Winter Snorlax looks so cool, I want it .-.

I have found all the other past mystery gifts in the current Game (1.2.3), except for the Book of Leaves :frowning: why don’t put it in the game as well? The snorlax forms are one of the fanciest things I’ve ever seen, but I’ll never be able to use them ._.

Hi! You can get the book of leaves by going into the restricted level of the utira library on the second floor. I can’t remember which shelf it’s on, so just check all the books.

1st off, this was 2 years ago, doubt they are still looking for it, secondly, please try not to reply if the messages are more than a month old, and thirdly, at the time, the book of leaves wasn’t in the utira library. Also there’s only one floor in the Utira library

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Enter Utira Library, go to the left, in the left wing there will be stairs, go up, after, interact with the leftmost part in the northest shelf
You can check Utira Library’s Map in the wiki for help
Dunno if it was added recently, so in your time it wasnt avaible, but now it is

hey kul, if you read @Anoddgirl_123’s post, please refrain from reviving necro threads that are older than a few weeks. It’s annoying to the original posters as well as the person you replied to.
yes there is a book of leaves on the second floor. Pretty sure this was added in the new update.