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Book of leaves

I’m wondering where I can get the book of leaves for delta snorlax? The wiki says the locations of the leaves but no the book. Thank you.

From what I know, the only way to get it is the “Thanks for the ride” delta munchlax mystery gift

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I got the first delta munchlax but not the second one.

Is there another way to get it? Winter Snorlax looks so cool, I want it .-.

I have found all the other past mystery gifts in the current Game (1.2.3), except for the Book of Leaves :frowning: why don’t put it in the game as well? The snorlax forms are one of the fanciest things I’ve ever seen, but I’ll never be able to use them ._.

Hi! You can get the book of leaves by going into the restricted level of the utira library on the second floor. I can’t remember which shelf it’s on, so just check all the books.

1st off, this was 2 years ago, doubt they are still looking for it, secondly, please try not to reply if the messages are more than a month old, and thirdly, at the time, the book of leaves wasn’t in the utira library. Also there’s only one floor in the Utira library

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