Black Screen Then Crash

When I run pokemon insurgence the screen turn black with no music or anything and if i try to click it it just has a loading thing on my mouse and after a second it crashes with no errors, please help me

Did you extract the files from the zipped folder? Attempting to run it without extracting them all can cause the problem you’re experiencing.

I have extracted the files multiple times and ive also re downloaded it a couple of times but nothing seems to be working. I also have disk space free do it is not a storage problem

What version are you running?

Im running 1.2.5

The current version is 1.2.7

should i patch?

Probably. What are you running it on?

Im on a windows 10 but im using winRAR

I didn’t do that. I went to the page with the download. Extracted the files and everything was fine. Also click Game.exe. That’s what opens the game.

The only thing that didn’t happen after was that the fonts weren’t there so I had to download those.

Yes I used winRAR to open it but I also just used file explorer and did all of the things you did but the same thing happend whith the black screen

Huh. I didn’t use anything extra. Without loading anything I clicked download and extracted the files. Maybe it has to do with the thing your using to run it.

I dont think so but I will use 1.2.7 and see if it fixes the problem somehow

Yeah that’s probably the best option. Never heard of anyone having trouble on windows except for glitches in the game or corrupted saves so I can’t really help you. I’ve tried explaining but that’s the best I can come up with.

thanks for helping, I think that downloading the newest version will help but if I download it will the save move from the 1.2.5 to the 1.2.7?


I’ve downloaded the most recent version now but it sadly hasnt fixed the problem and now I think the only people who can fix this are the devs which is sad because this is one of the only games I play :frowning:

Don’t use extra stuff and do what you would normally do. Stop using that thing to run it.

ONLY use winRAR to extract .rar files