Black Screen + Plus Music after New game followed by crash

So I’m completely new to the game. I downloaded the latest version (1.1.7) and extracted it into it’s own file. Once it was done extracting I started the game and it booted up like normal. However, once I start a new game I get a black screen with music for a few seconds before it crashes. I’ve tried switching compatibility modes as well as multiple fresh installs. Nothing has fixed the problem thus far. Any recommendations on what to try next would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

What is your OS?

Windows 10.

Yeah, there was 2 other users yesterday who had the same issues. Did you try running it in compatibility mode and as an administrator? Does any message appear?

I’ve tried it in every compatibility mode from xp up. Also, I’ve always ran it as an administrator. So far no error message. Just the conditions I described above.

See if this works for you.

Do you have a controller connected to your pc?

I have been having the same issue, I unplugged my controller and now it works fine. Thanks for the help!

You guys are awesome! It was just the controller. I’m assuming it was just causing a confusion for the controls so it didn’t know what to do. Thank you all!