Best Team For A New Playthough

So I’m doing a new Playthrough of Pokemon Insurgence and I was wondering what the best team would be for it. I chose Eevee as my starter because, well, Mega Eevee is cracked. I don’t know what Pokemon I should use for the rest of my Team. I’m entirely open to all suggestions you have.

D. Yamega

My personal favorite is a sand rotation team. I had M. Eevee with Modest Nature, 252 SpA, 4 SpD, 252 Spe, with BoltBeam and PsyBlast. I traded for a Jolly Ruindum and a Timid Delta Larvesta. I got a Timid Gastly, early on, and traded NPCs in Utira and Selene for Adamant Drillbur and Adamant Tyranitar, respectively. I caught an Adamant D. Axew north of Whirlpool Islands. I’ll send the final team later.

some recommended moves for the Gastly you suggest? I am also starting my adventure and I have D. Bulbasaur, D. Aron and stealth rock Larvitar. A timid Gastly could be a good addition. Thank you in advance

Taunt, Shadow Ball, Sludge Wave, Dazzling Gleam/Focus Blast. Nasty Plot LO is good too.

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gar doesnt get np in this gen afaik, only swsh