Best options for elite four?


I am about to fight the elite four and was wondering what a good day of Pokémon or best range of types would be to have when fighting them.

My current team is Delta charizard, Delta gardevoir, Delia pidgeot, Delia scizor, Delta muk and Delta haxorus.

I have also caught giratina and thunderus if that helps.


I would replace Scizor and Pidgeot as you don’t need them and they overlap a little. Add Spidergross and it’s pretty solid

So i got Delta metagross and am thinking of replacing delta charizard with giratina as they are the same types and also replacing muk

Are there are must have types I am missing that I could add for my last two slots? As it stands I would have Rock/grass, Ghost/dark, Electric/ice and water/steel.

Fighting and bug would do well