Best Deltas pre-endgame?

Hey all, new to the forums but have been playing this game a long time and love it. I’ve always wanted to do a strictly Delta only run in the past but it gets twisted one way or another. This time though, I think I’ve got it. Just beaten gym 6, and wondering what deltas are the strongest/most useful pre-endgame (spoilers are fine, already beaten the game before).

Edit: Current team is (all deltas) Venasaur, Gardevior, Muk, Snorlax, Haxorus, and Ambipom.

Id drop ambipom for delta froslass as a good fire type and muk for spidergross, the deltas you have are pretty much the best you can get until postgame

Gotcha, I had a feeling those two would be the ones I ended up dropping at one point.

yea, in an update they actually plan on moving a lot of post game deltas earlier

I just read that! Guess I’m gonna have to do a 1.3 delta run as well once it comes out.