Before I jump into Insurgence, a few questions

  1. OS X release delay: Today I decided to get Pokémon Insurgence, however I’m on OS X and the latest version is not currently available to download. How long does it normally take between the release of the Windows version and OS X version. If it normally takes a while, is it worth it for me to download the 2nd latest version?

  2. Is there trading between the Torren and Vesryn regions? (I was a HUGE Z/O fan)

These games, sadly, are not compatible with Zeta and Omicron. Not now, and I don’t know if they ever will be (doubt it, but maybe some sort of PokeTransfer could be installed?).

You can still get 1.1.8 for Mac from the 1.1.8 downloads page. was just a little bit of a bug fix. Nothing too awfully major, I would keep an eye out for it, but you should be safe just playing through the game while you wait for the .2 patch.

You can update to on mac, mine is updated, download the 1.1.8 core and then download the patch, when you unzip the patch a file called ‘Game.rgssad’ is there. Drag and drop the Game.rgssad into ‘drive_c’ -> ‘Program Files’ -> ‘Pokemon Insurgence 1.1’ and let it overwrite the previous Game.rgssad.