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Been playing through Insurgence, been blessed

Hi, so I tried playing Pokemon Insurgence a couple years back but dropped out. Just recently I picked it back up and have been going through it. I wanna write a review of it once I have it done, but that won’t be for a while.

So, I have been playing Pokemon for 12 years, and I have never had a shiny. Let alone a random encounter shiny. But, well, with a story like that, the outcome is expected.

Been having a lot of fun with the game, I have my gripes, but it has definitely has reminded me why I like Pokemon.


Congrats! The Insurgence community seems to have a surge of Shiny Hunter, so you could feel at home if you decide to get that shiny competitive living dex.

what is the picture i can’t see it.

Shiny Butterfree.

@Cooly568 Congrats on that! Though I have to ask… what does “Gweart” mean?
Also, welcome to the Forums.

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A, good to know there’s a thread for that.