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Battle Frontier Pyramid Glitch


So, i was traveling inside the Battle Frontier and i was exploring. I thought i found a secret area of some sort, but i got GLITCHED int he wall!, and being the dumb*** I am i saved, and then when i restarted my game, well i was stuck forever.
I have seen other people talk about recovering save files, but none of them make sense, if and only if, someone could walk me through it it would be much appreciated.


Try Using PikaTaxi thing. The Item that allows you to drive away. I got stuck like that and that fixed it.


Thanks for answering, the thing is when i got stuck all my items disappeared from my bag except for my cloths that Im wearing. So…yeah i really can’t use that


… Looks like your screwed.




Sorry I couldn’t Help…


Use the DexNav’s trainer thing to faint your pokemon.


That Would probably work. But since he is in the BATTLE PYRAMID and he lost his items it would be hard to faint his Pokemon. depending on the PP used for each move and for each Pokemon it could total greater than or equal to 20 moves per Pokemon so at least 120 turns for all atleast if not the opponent faints his pokemon first but they are lv. 50’s.