Bad graphic

Dear all

I have downloaded the game but the graphic, in terms of pixels and style it looks like the old pokemon red or blue: big pixels, not animated pokemon during the battle (static), shitty fight animations. There is a way to change it the graphic quality?

Thanks a lot

Go into your graphics folder and replace them with your own graphics. Though, you cannot animate them by simply replacing the graphics with gifs or gen 5 style sprite sheets from what I know.

You better be more detailed, couldn’t understand anything. Thanks

Go to your Insurgence folder assuming you have the core. Locate the graphics folder and then locate the characters folder. Inside are all of the battle sprites. Each one is named after the corresponding pokemon’s national dex number. Replace them manually with what you would see fit by dragging files named after the corresponding dex numbers just like the defaults and replace the files whenever you are prompted to do so.