Back to pokemon after a hiatius. A few Qs?

Hello everyone,

First off a tremendous thank you to everyone involved in this game. It’s great.

I’ve been out of the pokegame since RSE. I’ve done a bit of showdown and have a general idea on 6th gen mechanics, but I’ve just been out for a while and need to sate my poke urges!

  1. Are there in-game opportunities to get the other starter delta pokemon later down the line? Delta-Charmander looked sick, but I went with Delta-Bulbasaur.

  2. Are there more efficient ways to get the pokes with nature/ability that you want? Or do you just have to catch a bunch, cross your fingers, and/or trade and breed a bunch? Or is there something like a move-tutor for abilities and natures in the game?

Like I got myself a merril with good IVs and was adamant, but it had thick fat instead of huge power. Wah Wah.

  1. Is there a control map anywhere? I’d just like it for quality of life purposes (eg being able to change game volume in battle).
  1. Not in this version of the game. You either have to start a new save file and trade to your main or just trade for one.
  2. HA pokemon have a chance to be found in the friend safari, to find good nature you need a pokemon with the ability synchronize and the nature you want, then the pokemon you face will be guaranteed to be that nature.