At the Champion Fight,

Can a +6 Boomburst from Delta Noivern oneshot an armored Delta V________? I need to know ASAP.

Yes, easily. (Unless you’re -SpA 0 EVs or something)


Now to get the Hiking Boots and solve the last three puzzles.


It didn’t oneshot.

Why is it so hard to get that stupid Gardevoir?

Is the permanent Mega Gardevoir even worth it?

It’s just a trophy. It’s bugged right now anyways.

If it didn’t one shot, it means that you’re either a way lower level (like Lv 90’vs Lv 120 or something) or not EV trained.

It had a sliver of health left, so I think I got a low roll.

I got the Gardevoir anyway, somehow. So I guess I still won.

I got the Red Gardevoir even though my Pokémon got knocked out like 4 times lol
IIRC it has Pixilate which Gardevoir can’t normally get unless it mega evolves, so when it’s fixed it’ll probably be pretty powerful.