*Anyone want bred/delta/sync mons*

ah im actually still stuck on rainbow screen. lets both exit out and try again :))


Thx again for the trade!

got em all? thanks for the stones and sry again for the late replies lol

also do you want any of these mons back? cuz ur pumpkaboo evoed xD

Can you give it to him?

ah sure ill check it out

added 8 new mons :))

Order Up!

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Thank you what would you like in return?

Ah, would you happen to have an IV stones?

No, I don’t sorry.

hmm, i did find this random larv that id be willing to trade for free. This ok w u?

can someone help me transfer pokemon?

updated bredmon list

can someone plese donate me a delta ralts that male

hey do u still have that chimchar in the “others” box? i can trade a mudkip for it? i also have a shiny delta pokemon i dont really need

oh cool, which shiny delta? (im collecting them hehe) I can do a whole bunch of bredmons for that then. The chimchar in the others box is lonely nature btw, but will have 4-5 good IVs :))

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do you happen to have an IV stone?

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