Anyone trading these shines for shinies?

Trading Name: Dayday

Offer: Shiny haxorous and shiny female wynaut

Request: Other shinies

Further info:Dont know if ill actually trade these…I need to see what people will give.

I’m only interested in Haxorus.

Top row is up for grabs

Middle row maybe

Bottom row off limits

Special things about the shinies:
Sableye has careful nature
shiftry has megastone
sudowoodo has perfect IVs

Im not really interseted in middle or top row.Sorry

Alright. Do you want IV stones or PP ups for the wynaut?

Tbh im only doing a shiny for shiny trade.

Can i ask a question what is the dark colored tyranitar ??

That is a special sprite that my friend Serenity made for me.

On a side note, you were trading a Shiny HA Frogadier, right?

Yes i am trading it

I’d love to have it. What do you want for it? I can give you the shiny shiftry, it has a rare shiftrite on it

Also let’s talk on the discord server

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