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Anyone have a spare typhlosionite for vipik

Trading Name: ArenDaPirate

Request: Typhlosionite

Further info: Please let me borrow your typhlosionite

You should have one. You get one in the trade.

which trade?

The one in Sonataā€¦ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. @giapeniw someone needs your help.

Lies, he canā€™t have it rn, the trade is in Sonata

yea im in vipik rn

I can let you borrow mine

lil bih:

Also u canā€™t mega evo yet, so u dont rly need it atm

ohhhh where do you get the ring?

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Exactly before u fight the 3rd gym leader

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after the 2nd gym.

@aren, if you need help, click here: Gym Leader Guide

oops ran out of hearts



is hard mode gym really hard?

yeah. switch to normal or easy mode for that one.

oh i have been bc i was on hard mod ig

Normal mode is still brutal though, get the delta Sunflora lol

do easy mode for that gym. Use same strategy from my normal mode. Yes, it does work. Hope I could help!