Anyone have a free legendary?

i just want an early legendary :confused:
So yeah _ - _
Idc . maybe space mew? its just a copy of mew. or kyruem, reshiram or zekrom i like those.

  1. please use the trading format
  2. legendaries are 1 per save file (except zygarde), asking for free ones and getting one, even zygarde is highly unlikely

how to get more zygrade;

thanks for the info btw @Boggaspotatoe

on at dragon ruins after beating taen for the second time there and another at terminus cave after the first champion battle

Did you just ask for a free legendary?

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you can only catch the one from terminus cave if you fainted the one at dragon ruins, only possible to get one of them

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oh i didnt know that. thanks

btw is @ kev1212 your alt or smth?

Pretty sure it is but iirc they aren’t banned and this could just be a huge coincidence. When I originally joined I tried Emerald2411 was taken so I moved up a couple ones.

idt its a coincidence . idk why

i was on forums without it being linked to my discord at first, i got logged out of that account and forgot the login info, so i just signed in with discord instead

ah, k

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