Anyone have a delta munchlax to trade?

Trading Name:

Offer: Something in the first routes (i just started and can’t make the best offers, sorry)

Request: Delta Munchlax (Prefer low level)

Further info: I just started the game (i missed the event apparently) sorry if i cant make the best offers

I have one it is lvl 5.

i can give something from the first routes or so, i just started so sorry if i cant give anything incredible

Give me your worst pokemon this is on a save file i don’t use so I don’t need something good

ok, what’s your name online?

TheCyclopzz what is yours

my name is Mabaug20

i’m ready whenever you are

my name is Mabaug20

sorry can I trade tom some guests came over and I don’t have time tom ok? Just tell me when your ready tom.

I’m ready i guess

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