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Anyone have a delta bulbasaur (completed)

Trading Name: Potato Man

Offer: Anything you want

Request: Delta Bulbasaur

Further info: My game glitched and Professor Sylvan didn’t give me delta Bulbasaur

If you still need this, i have one that id trade for an iv stone, if ur up for that? :))

i got an iv stone, let me know when you are on

Oh haha sorry I didn’t check back, would u prefer a specific nature? if not I got one ready now :))

(also didn’t say that before but ITS RAINBOW QUARTZZZZZZZZ askdaksjdkjasd)

ill take the one you have

actually lets trade tomorrow cuz its really late for me

Ya it’s like 2am here XD (I’m in ET)
Hmu when ur on tmrw and I’ll hope on real quick (I do have a few Zoom meetings so maybe at least 14 hrs from when I send this message.)

hey i’ll be good in about 4 hrs so if you’re free then too hmu

frick i keep forgetting to check in to see if you replied

oh I’ll be ready in about 10 mins, would that work for u?


Oof that took longer than expected , ready now!

trade name hulaunicorns in case I forgot to say before

i sent a trade

thanks dude

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Np! thanks for the stone :))

you wanna have a battle sometime

They removed battles in the 1.2.5 update so I dont think we can :0))

oh that sucks

yeah :((

Nice trading with you though!

sorry to bother you again, but you wouldnt happen to have a delta sunkern too? i killed mine and it isnt appearing