Anyone got Delta Charmander?

Trading Name: okaym80

Offer: Delta Squirtle

Request: Delta Charmander

Further info: IVs aren’t perfect, but i just need to complete the dex. It’s modest natured too.

Side Note: Sp Atk IVs are 0

I can breed one for you, and I don’t need the Squirtle.


for some odd reason it just said “body was too similar to most recent post.” wut

You there? Sorry I didn’t see the notification for some reason. (Did you click reply on my post?)

Hey, ready to trade?

Gimme one sec to breed a Charmander.

Alright I’m ready. My trade name is IcePrime.

Okay, you know mine right?

Yep I do :slight_smile:

Thanks! Now I just need a Bulbasaur from my brother. Bye!

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