Any veterans out there?

I feel like we should do something to thank the vets that play what does everyone say? If you are a vet id be willing to help with requests of froakies

That’s a great idea!

Good idea! What should we do to thank them?

Maybe do a request for ev and iv pokemon or perfect froakies for em

If I could get my hands on a 6iv ditto I’d help breed some for thanks

Problem is, most vets have everything there is to have already

Not to be stereotypical or anything, but do a lot of veterans play this game?

There might be a few

IDK… I don’t think there will be any veterans playing but if there is I would like to help as well.

I can be hopeful and if there isn’t well then we gotta fix that lol just cause they were in the military doesn’t mean they are 60 and don’t play games lol my older brother is a vet and he plays

Oh OK.