Any things I should change in my team?

I’m training for a good team. I’m at Helios City at the part where you get the Delta Charizardite (well at least storywise, right now I’m training in my Secret Base). What do you think is better - Mega Delta Charizard, Mega Delta Scizor, or Mega Flygon?

D. Charizard (with mega stone)

D. Gardevoir

D. Scizor (with mega stone)

D. Muk


Lilligant (switched Nidoking out)

Any changes I should make?

You’ll need to provide the stats, IVs, EVs and natures for us to do thorough analyzing.

Does your D. Charzard have any Dragon-type moves? It seems odd to have a Ground/Dragon Flygon when you have both Ground D. Muk for Physical ATK and Dragon/Ghost Delta Charzard for SP ATK.

Flygon maybe can work. It can learn Rock and Fire moves while not being weak to Water. It also has Levitate to be paired with DMuk’s Earthquake in doubles.