Any one want a shiny lapra

Trading Name: DarkSage2002

Offer: shiny lapras lonely lvl 34 ev’s all 0 IV’s HP 2, attack 12, defense 27, special attack 28, special defense 19, speed 21

Request: delta starter with mega-evolution stone

Further info:

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i can give you a delta charmander, with the mega stone


already have delta charmander but looking for other two

delta sqirtle ok?

yeah just give me a time and I’ll trade

ok ill be ready in a few minutes

can you give me a specific time so i know when to be on

how about now or in an hour?

im ready are you?

i guess ill wait another hour, if you see this wait untill then please

um its been an hour, are you ready to trade?

sorry i fell asleep but i’m ready

i’ll trade it at 8:30 pm central time just to be specific and uniform cuz honestly we need a speicific time to do this

ok meet you then

its time

thank you soooooo much!

no problem and thank you

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