Any free deltas or just something good?

Hey guys, I am new to this game can anyone offer me a free delta to me like axew or squirtle.(I hope I don’t sound like a beggar.) Honestly, I would appreciate pretty much anything good. Also please don’t comment how stupid I sound.


Not stupid at all. I have been worse. Ask @Ak. She is literally the only actual breeder nowadays who is free. She can only get you deltas tho


I mean, I could you any deltas you need free of price as well…


Ok thanks! I appreciate the info!

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Thanks! Also when do you unlock trading? I just beat the cultists at the Augurs Place.

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At Metichi town, so after gym 1.


Oh ok thanks.

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you unlock trading way before that, the moment you get the dexnav is when you can trade


:man_facepalming: I must’ve been having a stronk…

I could prob get u some mobs too just lmk what u want

Is there any particular type you are after? I have a regular axew I’m not 100% sure I’m going to keep training up. Also, try wonder trading. It’s a randomized return on what you trade your pokemon for, but sometimes you get really lucky and score some strong ones

If you ever need any advices regarding teams or strategy, just ask me! I am also doing a mini series here where I write competitive analysis on Pokémon. In any case, I’m here if you need help.

i can give you some good mons i got bredmons and others

i have four deltas im not using one being a story mon and other a squirtle (and delta metagross spider and delta pikachu)

If you could can I have a riolu and the delta squirtle. Btw I hope Im not bothering you

um sure

In school right now, I can after like maybe 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM EST. I can give high IVs or even Pokerus.

if you want i can give you it now (delta squrtle i don’t have delta riolu)

Im in school rn so i think maybe i can go online at like 7-9 in your time also i was asking for a normal riolu because its one of my favorite pokemon

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ok i can do that also you want an eevee