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Announcing my Departure

As the title says, due to bullshit things like school and other stuff, I have to quit the forums. I will still be logging in to check on some stuff ,but (probably)won’t post anything again . Thanks to all the people that actually made me enjoy my time here. Farewell everyone!


Oh. Sorry to see you go. Good luck with life and all that. But I have to ask: will you still be on Discord at least?


Yeah,i’ll still use discord (when I have free time)


Alright. At least I’ll see you there.


Well dang. You were in my playthrough, did i make your time enjoyable?


leaving the forums? kinda cringe ngl


Dangit. This is the third ‘Farewell’ this month.
Anyways atleast you’ll be semi active on discord so im not.too upset. As steel said gl with your life

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You actual liar

Check my play through post please. You’ll understand why I’m back (for a bit)

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So yeah, for the next two weeks I’ll be active. Then, it’s a buh bye

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Oh just noticed its you’re birthday. Happy bday

Huh. Yeah it is your birthday. Well, happy birthday! Hope it’s a good one!
Wait… It’s your anniversary not your birthday. Whoops.

Happy Birthday my guy

I have just been made aware that it is your birthday today. Happy birthday dude!

…? What the huh?

My birthday is a month away

Where did you see that?

Oh, there was a birthday cake under your name. Which implied that it was your birthday

It was his Forum anniversary. His birthday is in June. The cake is misleading.