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Accidentaly killed my delta ralts


Trading Name: Hyruleslayer37

Offer: Anything…

Request: Delta ralts preferably female with modest or timid nature if possible.

Further info: I’m basically at the start of the game so I don’t have much to offer tho, thanks in advance.


hey if you can wait a bit maybe i can get you a delta gardivoir


Its ok bro I can wait, a delta ralts is fine… :slight_smile:


i have just caught mine , and i dont think im gonna use it , i can give it to you if ur still interested


I can breed one with a timid nature. Do you have a delta sunkern by any chance?


Hey!! :slight_smile:
if you haven’t traded yours yet, I am interested in one.
Looking for a male one, is yours male by any chance?

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