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About my team

is this a good team for the Nyx battle

What is Graviforce and how did teach it to Mew?

Your team is good,but you should teach one of your members a Ghost type move.

dark is pretty much the same thing. There are shared types which should be avoided

You’ll need a Ghost type move to deal with Nyx’s Kangaskhan.

oh yeah, true. I forgot we were talking about nyx haha. You should be fine with just about any team really, I beat mine once with haxorus, mew and super overleveled d. blastoise and once with a super underlevelled mew and a metagross + loads and loads of max potions lol

Ok,but again,What is Graviforce?

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I know this is a TM in another game by the same devs, but I did not know it was obtainable in insurgence, so, i guess this was obtained trough mystery gift or something like that.