About Delta Aggron

Caught this guy in a randomizer nuzlocke, and looked him up a bit. Sick art, but two suggestions:

  1. He needs a mega. I think if the normal counterpart of a delta has a mega, then the delta should too. Besides, I really want to see what it would look like after the awesome regular D. Aggron.
  2. This thing should definitely learn Heat Crash. It is a perfect move for the Pokemon, being a fire-type Heavy Slam, as well as making perfect sense considering its type and design. Aggron would also have a strong physical fire move to use besides Flare Blitz (which causes recoil and I don’t like that in a tank).
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That would be awesome! Also, I personally think the Custom Move should be more, well, customizable. It is literally just a Physical Hidden Power with 70 damage, typing you would choose yourself, and whatever name you want (I personally made mine a Fairy-Type with the name Gaea Rage, because thanks to EV-Training, my Mega Lucario has ungodly Atk, and I really enjoyed one-shotting Mega Rayquaza with that specific attack, just to show that compared to the hell I went through against Taen (2-on-1 was ridiculous, and it was all thanks to the fact that Nora SUCKS), Jaern to me is “just another random” Trainer Battle). I would really enjoy the ability to adjust the power, PP, accuracy, and especially effect of what is supposed to be a move I myself created.

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