A Subtle Glitch (Or me being 1 in >10k)

Right, so I have a Togepi I’ve been grinding up the level/friendship of, and it has the ability Serene Grace, which doubles the odds of any additional affect occurring from a move (such as flinching from bite).

I must have used Secret Power somewhere between 15 and 30 times. However, it has never once triggered that I can remember, which should be 60% of the time after Serene Grace’s doubling. I also have never triggered the secondary effect of Ancient Power, though because that has a 20% post-doubling chance of occurring it’s much more likely that I’m unlucky there.

Not sure if it’s Serene Grace in general, or just Serene Grace with Secret Power, but something is probably going on here. If someone else could test this to make sure I’m not going insane, that’d be really nice. I mean, it’s triggered occasionally when used by other pokemon I have, just not Togepi!

Tested this more. Ancient power’s been activating. Fairly sure that Serene Grace is working for that. Seems to be completely preventing Secret Power from working though, aside from the damage.

I used Para-flintch Togekiss many times and I don’t recall, a single instance where it worked. It can be just you being unlucky AF.

From what I can see, it looks like the interaction between Secret Power and Serene Grace is still running on the Gen 5 mechanics where both Serene Grace and the rainbow effect created by Water + Fire Pledge do not double Secret Power’s effect chances. I will correct this to have Serene Grace affect Secret Power in 1.3. Aside from this I do not see anything that would cause Serene Grace to not activate or to nullify the chances of secondary effects triggering.

Beyond this, I included a patch note in 1.2.5 about Secret Power working correctly but only if the flag for the environment has been set correctly for each area. I don’t have a way of looking this up quickly so if it seems like you’re never getting it to trigger in a certain area then it probably means that I overlooked adding it there. I looked into this a long time ago and so it is entirely possible that I chose to ignore prioritizing this as there is a chance that most of this information is changed or overhauled in 1.3.


Okay, yeah, I tested it more extensively in other environments, and it started working occasionally. Looks like it just might not work in the cave between Koril and Roggan.