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A Random Shop

Also what can I get for the Cryogonal?

what no blue fire is the bes-

off topic but I don’t remember trading you a shiny metagross, are you sure you got the right person? lol

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also… i can give a garde for the gross

gia… what shinies do you have

I don’t exactly remember, the only sure thing is that I have a shiny kirlia, riolu, metagross ,totodile and poliwhirl.I don’t remember the rest of my shinies lmao

would you like a emboar for the metagross

@Boggaspotatoe i want the Custom shiny sprite. Dm me too.

I’ll pass, thanks though


Whoops, didn’t see this. Also, sorry ,not interested in trading the larvesta for the liepard

do you have shiny legends

Even if I had any I wouldnt trade them lmao

Makes sense

I think so? I traded it for a Modest d. Geodude. I thought it was you, but I forgot who it was lol

Yeah I’ve never had a shiny metagross nor have I received a modest d geodude


S-Someone impersonated Sbeve!

are you sure about that

i have groudon and could be ho-oh

Could be ho oh? Wdym