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A Random Shop

Trading Name: Kafkinos/GiaPe (The Tradenames of my two save Files)

Offer: Bredmons, IV Stones, Shinies (See down below for more details)

Request: You Bredmons, IV Stones and Shinies. (Also see down below for more details)

Further Payment info:
1 Bredmon Per IV Stone
3-4 Bredmons Per Shiny
•If you have these specific mons in their shiny form (low levelled if possible), I’ll give one of my shinies + IV Stones/Bredmons for them:
• If you have a shiny Delta to trade, I will shiny hunt you two friend safari mons of your choice.
• If you have Bredmons to trade, I’ll provide you with IV Stones
•There will be bredmon giveaways here from time to time, just for you to know.
•Thats mostly bout it. To sum up, let me note some things:
a) I am only available to trade in Friday and Saturday. I will be bumping this post every 3 days so it doesn’t get closed.
b) I’ll post a pic of the current Bredmons I actually have atm later, don’t have access to my computer now xD.
c) If you’re trading me a Shiny , please post a picture of its:
OT and Location
d) I’ll post the shinies I have atm later as well, because of the same reason I can’t post a a pic of my Bredmons rn.
e) Don’t discuss off topic stuff in here, if possible.
w) Stay Safe!
q) If there are any grammatical errors, sorry, but I just can’t type today lmao

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i have a shiny delta liepard, whats your offer

also didnt i trade you a shiny braixen? its totally cool if you want 2 of the same shinies im just wanna know why

I’m not sure this is going to work Gia. Oaa made a shiny shop which failed because they weren’t offering shinies at the beginning. My bredmon shop died because nobody wanted bredmons anymore. Don’t know whether this will work.

i actually don’t have it anymore lmao
Traded it for a shiny totodile to @-kev1212 iirc.

Hmm, about your liepard, I can trade you two of the shinies I have right now (I’ll post a pic of them tomorrow). If you don’t want any of them, I could hunt you two fs shinies of your choice but it might take some time

oh lol
would you be wiling to trade your shiny delta larvesta? if not then idk if i’d be comfortable trading a shiny delta for to reg shinies
oh i forgot im also trading my shiny jolly salamence

I have a shiny Metagross I got from sbeve. What will I get?

if adamant a shiny jolly salamence
dont mind me stealing your trade

I despise salamence’s shiny.

what about emboar

you sure?

Oh…hmm, what do I have to do to get that custom sprite?

i can give an emboar

Meh, I don’t really care about it either. I’m lookin for a Gen 5 shiny that is cool. Particularly gigalith or somethin smh

i could give it for free if you want

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emboar shiny is cool

agreed but blue fire is kinda overused so makes sense if someone doesnt like it.
tho blue fire is the best fire, PERIOD

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Dm it to me.

will do once i can use my pc


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