A question

Does any one know where TM secret Power is Spicifically?

Since the 1.2.5 update is new, the wiki may be inaccurate but if the location was not changed, Secret Power is in Helios City. image

Do you know if there is Blaze kick in the game? if yes, where. If not a powerful fire type move for Blaziken?.

Here’s a list, but I highly suggest Fire Blast in Deyraan Town or Incinerate in Roggan town.
Link is below since you probably want to see all your options. :slight_smile: https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/TM_Locations

@PokemonInsurgence it seems that there is a bug, I revived Aerodactyl from the fossil maniac with old amber but, when I looked at my PC it looked like it wasn’t there but in reality it’s sprite wasn’t there its empty. I looked at its summary but no image only info on that Pokemon. Is there a way to fix it?