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A peek at a hopefully better mega reuniclus WIP

I love reuniclus but, it’s mega made it look like some sort of clown, so, i decided to make a new one (WIP) reunite not much and a huge work in progress (Pogress lol)


looks the same to me lmao


you see now?

you see?

ah that makes more sense

yea lol, i just added more orbs for now

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alr, lemme do a poll:

The Blue Orb On Reuniclus
  • I don’t give a care (censored)
  • get rid of it
  • keep it

0 voters


The only thing I would say about this is that it doesn’t use pokemon pixel sizes.

oh oops i should go fix that

should i add a chest plate like this:

Chest Plate?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Non
  • Not
  • zero
  • 0
  • 02
  • nope
  • nopers

0 voters

also i am adding a metroid thing for legs (stolen from the old mega lol)

@BackInBlack is a SIMP he said 02 lol