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A guide for Randomizer (Nuzlockes)

So, I saw that Randomizers had no guides, so I decided to make a guide for a couple of tips to help you with the run. Just know that should you be doing a Nuzlocke as well, the any item guide might not be preferable due to the power it could give you at a relatively early point. This guide also contains spoilers, continue at your own risk. Once 1.3 comes out this guide will be updated accordingly.

How to get any item/infinite items

Once you get access to Roggan town, you will be able to rock smash 5 stones Rock smash drops are randomized meaning you can get anything besides key items, this includes pokeballs and mega stones. To deal with the pokemon from rock smash get a pokemon with the ability run away, a pokemon with a smoke ball, or a pokemon with really high speed such as a ninjask.

JUST A NOTE: It should be known that on Randomizers there is no way to farm normally. What this means is that you will have the same chance of getting an oran berry as you do a heart scale when smashing rocks. This method is unreliable for this reason. Also, Crystal Pieces might not be able to be obtained in this way.

Before Roggan town you will have access to the black market and Helios department store which, unlike pokecenters, have completely randomized items for sale (except the oval stone). Other random shops include everything at the battle frontier, the better competitive item guy in murk forest, and even professor pine in Holon among a few places.

Also, should you get an item stealing move you can steal the item from the opposing Pokemon in the wild, as I believe every wild/trainer pokemon has a held item. You won’t be able to steal items from trainers and keep them however, if you didn’t already know. Egg pokemon are an exception, as they don’t have held items.


Since every pokemon is randomized it can be frustrating to battle a weezing and it uses only destiny bond and you get knocked out. Well, you can actually predict any pokemon’s moveset. Every pokemon will use its four most recently learned moves based on that pokemon’s ORAS moveset, for example, a level 43 Kadabra would have Future Sight, Role Play, Psychic, and Ally Switch.

In the case of major trainer battles past Xavier, they will have a mega evolution pokemon with a mega stone on their team. For example, in the Whirl islands Audrey fight, she normally uses a mega Crawdaunt, she might now use mega Pidgeot or mega Sudowoodo or even mega Rayquaza so be careful.

Eggs given out by Shady egg dealers are entirely random, I got a D. Medicham from an egg, so you can even get evolutions of a pokemon.

Finally, trades are random, but the basics of the trade are not. What this means is that to get the “delta Koffing” in the Miara trade center you still need to give a pseudo-legendary. To get “delta dwebble (cake)” you still need to trade a random pokemon for a random pokemon.

What is and isn't randomized

So while there are a lot of things randomized in the randomizer challenge mode, there are some things that aren’t here they are:

  • Pokemart items are not randomized, this includes the secret base one as well. Also Professor Pine in Holon is not random as well.

  • Key items are not randomized for obvious reasons.

  • Dev Island battles are not randomized as of 1.2.5, so if you have a version before that they will be randomized.

  • Darkrai Cult Mew is not randomized.

  • TMs will not be randomized (TM 130 will always be Telekinesis).

  • Pokemon types will not be randomized, there aren’t any water-type Porygons meaning Professor Sylvan lied.

  • All pokemon will have their ORAS learnsets meaning that no moves are randomized so there won’t be any Draco Meteor Poliwags.

  • All wild or trainer pokemon will have their four most recently learned moves via ORAS learnsets.

  • The number of pokemon a trainer has will remain the same, this goes for any battle including the rematch champion having 8 in hard mode.

  • Trainer’s names and appearance.

  • Meloetta puzzles and mysterious scrolls will remain unrandomized due to the power of getting relic song very early and easily being too powerful.

  • Clothes will not be randomized, it would be strange if they were.

  • All pokemon in friend safari’s will remain unrandomized, this means that despite not being able to trade, you can actually upload your base and visit others.

  • Level trainer and EV trainer are not randomized.

*Crystal pieces are not randomized due to the power of having any of the Insurgence Primals right at the beginning or making the E4 even easier than it will already be.

*Starter Eevee, for whatever reason, is not randomized.

So now here are the things that are randomized:

  • (Almost) every pokemon even static, gift, and starter pokemon.

  • (Almost all) Trainer battles.

  • Every item picked up will be randomized excluding key items (TMs picked up will be randomized but the number they are will not).

  • Held items will always be randomized.

  • Items sold outside of pokemarts will be randomized, this means that people in the black market could have mega stones. Only exception is that Professor Pine in Holon sells all the normal items.

  • Items on the ground will always be randomized (with exclusion of key items) this means you could find D. Volcarona armor disguised as a potion in the first ten minutes of the game.

  • Pokemon will not follow a specific pool, so you won’t find the same 6 pokemon in the Shade Forest meaning you can encounter any pokemon at any time.

  • Egg pokemon outside of maybe the daycare will always be random.

  • Trades are always random.

  • You can obtain items outside of the normal pool, this includes poffin berries and high money items.

  • Items and pokemon obtained through Sonata Tracks and Torren game corner.

  • Despite mega pokemon with mega stones being randomized to other pokemon with mega stones, legendaries won’t randomize to other legendaries meaning you could fight Zenith at the infernal base without him having any legendaries, the drawback to this is that any pokemon could be legendary including Megas.

*Shiny Deino mission will randomize into any shiny pokemon I believe. Also, every radio tower mission is random.

  • The Primal Giratina and the Primal Regigigas fight will randomize into any of the 5 primal pokemon.

  • All hidden Grottos except for sprites will be randomized.


This also ties In with infinite items as you could get these while also getting any item/infinite items. In a randomizer, money is actually more obtainable due to the larger item pool. You can actually get relic items (as they’re called). They sell for very high prices, netting you 300,000 poke should you get the crown. You can also find other normal items such as big nuggets or pearls along with other high priced items.

"Special" randomization

So I have found that in fact, some pokemon have smaller pools that they then randomize from. These include the Mega pokemon and Giratina and Regigas primal fight, let me explain. So to make the randomizer challenge run a little more difficult the devs decided to make it that all pokemon that could mega evolve would be randomized into a different mega pokemon with its mega stone. For example, at the Damian fight in the Dream Realm he normally uses his starter mega, let’s say he picked Eevee, now he could have a mega Gyarados or maybe a mega Slowbro, you get the idea.

Now for the primal pokemon, in these two fights they randomize into either Kyogre, Groudon, Arceus, Giratina, or Regigas with respective crystal pieces or orbs (now this isn’t certain but I believe they can’t randomize into what they were before, you might not ever get a Primal Regigigas when encountering it at Holon Core).

I really hope that this helps you with your run, more information at The Wiki’s Page on Challenge Mode.