A few basic questions about teams and pokemons

Hi there! I am Chironex. I am new to Insurgence and more or less new to pokemon too. I hugely enjoyed the game so far and can’t wait for the next content updates. :slight_smile:

I read bulbapedia and few other resources, during the game to come up with an elementary idea of what could make a n effective team. So far I have:

D-Charizard (ghost/dragon) can mega protean Greninja (water/dark) Excadrill (ground/steel) Gardevoir (psychic/fairy) D-Gardevoir (electric/ice) Blaziken (fire/fighting)

These are not ev/iv trained or bred to be the best(I discovered that ev is a thing yesterday). And the movesets that I assigned them in my terrible ignorance would probably give you an aneurysm. However I have decided to pour more time into this beautiful game. So here are my questions:

1> Is this remotely a good team? Should I bother to breed/trade perfect specimens of these pokemon for my endgame? If not could you please suggest something that has a chance of working.

2> If these pokemon in this team are good: What moveset should I teach the hapless baby pokemon I breed/trade. What nature is good for them? What should my ev distribution be? Or any other advice in general.

Enormous gratitude in advance to anyone who spends time educating me. Feel free to tell me if the questions are stupid and fundamentally flawed and need to ask better or more relevant questions. My beautiful gardevoirs love you.

PS: My friend safari name is Chironex with capital C. Theres a fun maze. It has the fire chicken in the grass. Hope you enjoy it.

If all you want is to complete the game, that is a perfectly fine team most likely, although only the dev’s know how hard the endgame will be. If you are looking at playing in the metagame you will want to breed and ev train, but it is hard to say what would be the best distributions and moves, it depends on what you would want to make the pokemon, a sweeper or wall ect. Nature should go with the way you decide to ev train the pokemon, a nature that that boosts the stat you want the most and lowers one you don’t need. For like a special attacker, a nature like modest would be best, it boosts special attack and lowers attack. From a quick glance though, your team seems to mostly be of offensive pokemon, so a powerful pokemon that outspeeds you, could sweep your team quickly especially a physical attacker as all your pokemon have bad or mediocre defence stats, also those pokemon are being pulled from all over the tiers.

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First thing to note of: You have Mega DCharizard, which can summon Nocturnal weather. Then, you also have Excadrill. I hope your Excadrill has Mold Breaker ability. The other 2 abilities of Excadrill depends on Sandstorm weather. If your enemy uses Sandstorm, you can remove it by using Mega DCharizard’s ability. Mold Breaker Excadrill also have the luxury of hitting Levitate users with Earthquake, such as Rotom-Wash.

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I see you are trying to get element diversity as much as possible. But the issue is not with element diversity, but --weakness diversity-- and reliable resistance.

For example, you have Excadrill, DGardevoir, and Blaziken. Those three are weak against Ground. Your remaining team member is not a reliable switch on Earthquake (100 base power Ground move) as they are not physically defensive nor resists it. A fast Pokemon with Earthquake may wipe your team ALONE.

The solution is, get a Flying type or a Levitate user, or at least a reliable switch in on (predicted) Ground attack. You can also equip Air Balloon to one of the mentioned Pokemon.

Ok. Thanks. I am thinking about getting defensive Garchomp with toxic to set up and maybe train excadrill with rapid spin. Also training an aegislash which should make the team a little more tanky.