A Beginner's Guide to Art

Pixel Art(Making New Sprites from existing ones) - IndianAnimator

Sample works

612_1(3) 612_1(3)(1) SMD zard(2)

my pfp is one of them too

Hey I’m IndianAnimator and I heavily modify pokemon sprites. The forums as well as the discord seem to like them. Anyways back to the point. I like to think myself as a beginner spriter. I’ve only been spriting for about 5 months and my first big project was making “Mega Delta Charizard X” or just an alternative for Mega Delta Charizard.

How I started - I was looking through #fanmade-content:artwork section and thought “Why dont I make my own sprite?” And so I did. I asked the forums about if they liked it and asked for some suggestions.
Some people even jumped in and helped me make some parts of it. Thank you @Aren and @Steelman2004

What I recommend(also fairly edited by @Firefiber733339 :eyes: ) - DONT START OFF MAKING NEW SPRITES(If you do 16x16 is big enough).Start off using free software like Piskel and Paint.net. Ask for recommendations and ideas from people you know and try to implement them, if its too hard try to look at some pixel art other people made with that idea. If there are no pixel art with that idea, try to find an artwork with that idea and resize it. If there is nothing AT ALL, either scrap the idea or ask someone for help(maybe @Aki , @Firefiber733339,or @Steelman2004, or me) . Use 3 shades of color. Start off simple.

I hope I helped you begin pixel art and have a great time spriting

Firefiber/Drake- tips- You won’t be pros when you start. Take a mon, and start with recoloring it. Then, as you go, do fusions, then slowly start modifying mons to make em original. As you progress, it’ll be easier, and it’ll be faster. Scratch. It’s easier to use. Pm someone like @Steelman2004, or @Firefiber733339 if you are a beginner and how to use scratch


feel free to add more art stuff

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Just did.

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i dont fuse or recolor

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Cause you had pros like steel tutor u.

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People who don’t get help like that need to teach themselves. Speaking of which, lemme add something else.

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Firefiber733339’s tips:

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he didnt tutor me
he just gave some ideas and pushed me




ia- start of simple

me- screw that imma make a delta charmander line without any reference except for the charmander line sprites

(sprite making is so much more draining then I had expected at first, seriously; start simple)

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