6IV Delta Snorlax

Trading Name: GenoX

Offer: 6IV Delta Snorlax (Calm) Overcoat.

Request: Shiny Pokemon, Pokerus Pokemon.

Further info:

Every dSnorlax is 6IV, calm, and has overcoat.

Ill offer another delta for your snorlax.

Oh I didn’t know. But I have one with Thick Fat

which Delta?

Name a delta and if you have it ill trade

if I have it?

if i have it my b

I got another Snorlax that is Relaxed, and doesn’t have perfect IVs.

is it delta?

Do you have any new Deltas?

Yes Thick Fat, Delta Snorlax, Relaxed, and bad IVs.

ya, lotad, pidgey, geodude. I also have some older ones like bisharp and noibat

is that the only snorlax you have?

No I have the Perfect IV one and the Bad one.

What level is the Lotad?

lvl 41

You do know that you can get Delta Munchlax from Mystery Gift right?

ya, but I want more lol. I also have delta shinx

Delta Shinx was already in the old version.