5-6 IV Delta Torterra, Delta Goomy, or Gastrodon

Trading Name: TheDankNinja

Offer: Any ONE of the Three Options:

  • 1-2 IV Stone

  • Any Three Pokemon of your choice, except legendaries. (For Deltas, hold on for a bit, gotta breed them)

  • 4-6 IV Delta Metagross, Delta Dratini or Delta Larvesta (No Held Items)

Request: 5-6 IV Delta Torterra, Delta Goomy, or Gastrodon

Further info: If you like to increase the price, I wouldn’t mind. My timezone is EST, hit me up anytime next week.

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I’ve just gotten back onto Insurgence after beating it all the way after catching all of the delta mons and beating dev island. I sorta want to try a new team out, but I’m lacking in good water-types. Y’all can debate on which i should get in the comments below. I want to hear from the people, so go ham! Remember, “First Come - First Served”, or something like that.

i can breed u a d-torterra & d-goomy (or any oher delta) if u want. just trow in the IV stones. my timezones UTC 01:00 and my discord is @ DrKoolAid777

I apologize, but under certain circumstances, I am unable to pull my part of the deal of the IV Stones. The time it takes to obtain IV Stones in this game is incredibly high and between the times I posted and now I was unable to find any. I honestly wished I could’ve found some.

Nvm, I’ll do it myself.

If you have a shiny, i can try getting you both

Or actually even delta larvesta is very good

sorry. As I said, i’ll do it myself. I was recommended a way to get easy IV Stones on the discord chat. Used that from now on and breeding. Not too hard anymore.

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