1.2.5 updating abilities question

Simple question: I have a Delta Scizor in 1.2.3. It has scrappy. If I were to update the game, would it keep scrappy or switch to Tough Claws? (Delta Scizor changed abilities in the patch)
Edit: This is no longer relevant as my Save has frozen, and my Backup Saves don’t work, so my save file is doomed and I’ll have to start over. Great…

Mega oof, dude. that fuckin sucks.

I had just beaten Audrey with a level 40 team, and was about to face Harmony, then the game froze when the battle was about to start. My team was very flawed though, and had lots of weak pokemon that werent doing much.


Something unexpected happened: after I installed a new core, the cutscene reverted, so now I have restored my save file! The answer is, yes, it changes to Tough Claws.

Yay! Soon you can defeat science girl leader at gym 5! (oh boy, she kicked my ass a few times, and I took down her Megagross with my D. Gardevoir by spamming earth power xd)