when i download the one for windows with the name once downloaded the rar says 1.1.8 but when i tried the version for mac it said . so its there a correct version for windows? its the mac version compatible? its just a name misstake or what?

Don’t worry. The folder says 1.1.8 but if you used an official link, it’s correct and will play correctly as should. It is also compatible for Mac as long as you use the correct steps.

sooo i should be getting delta munchlax in mystery gift isnt it owo if i have some trouble with that i say you

The event ended. The fix was for around a year ago. That mean nothing right now though. You won’t get a delta munchlax or any mystery gift.

oowww ok uwu

When i battled the 1st gym leader i first took the Vulpix to about half health then the leader withdrew the vulpix then after i defeated the larvesta the gym leader brought back vulpix at full health

He might have healed it sometime in between. :neutral_face:

And this is not the place to talk about your playthrough. If you want, you can start a new thread next time.