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Battling This category is meant for battling requests in-game!<br><strong>[Currently Not Available]</strong> Trading This category is meant to offer or request Pokemon for trades in Pokemon Insurgence.
About the Online category [Online] (2)
Looking for Delta Charmander [Trading] (10)
Anybody care to give away Giratina [Trading] (6)
Need a hero to trade me a Delta Larvesta! [Trading] (3)
Found! NVM [Trading] (1)
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Delta Lilligant fairy [Trading] (5)
Kind soul to give me Fennekin [Trading] (3)
Trading to get a male Delta Ralts [Trading] (4)
I am in desperate need of a delta bergmite [Trading] (11)
I really need a Female Delta Ralts [Trading] (5)
Pokerus Request [Trading] (3)
Need Delta Pawniard [Trading] (8)
Looking for Finneon line [Trading] (2)
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Trading to Evolve [Trading] (4)
Delta bulbasaur? please [Trading] (2)
Starter trade [Trading] (18)
Feebas or Milotic? [Trading] (17)
Delta remoraid [Trading] (16)
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Shiny Heliolisk [Trading] (7)
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Looking for zygarde [Trading] (2)
Trade for delta meloetta [Trading] (2)
Can't log in [Online] (3)
Timid nature Synchromize pokemon [Trading] (2)
Looking for Delta Budew, Delta Aron [Trading] (5)
Physical competitive Charmanders giveaway ( 2 ) [Trading] (30)