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Lets Plays/Videos A category to promote your Lets Plays!<br>Show us your adventurous moments and memories playing the game! Clothing This is where users will upload their own pieces of clothing they with so submit to Pokemon Insurgence. Artwork A place to post your custom Artworks of Pokemon, Trainers, and Items! Holon University A place for your custom Deltas!<br>Make sure that you have read the <a href="">Rules and Regulations</a> on how to post them! Frontier Brain Contest This category is used for the Frontier Brain Character Contest. <a href="">Information about the contest can be found on the Announcements page</a>. To create a submission, please use this template:
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I've noticed a lot of user would like to make deltas though lack that artistic push that some others have well no need to worry here you can suggest a delta in hopes that an artist can make your dreams come true and here…

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